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Welcome to Outback Lakes SA

Outback Lakes SA is a group of pastoralists from Northern South Australia who are committed to pursuing market opportunities that add value to production from their properties and promote the benefits of their local area. Getting to Outback South Australia is part of the journey with a quintessential Australian road trip. From Adelaide, drive approximately five hours to Wilpena pool in the Florida Ranges to start your Outback experience.

We offer services such as buying stock, tourism and other products. We have eleven stations namely;

Reality of Australian Outback. “No fuel next 254 km” sign. Cobar, New South Wales, Australia.
Andamooka station

This station is leased by BHPBiliton and lies to the East and Left of the Olympic Dan mine and borders the west shores of Lake Torrens, a large ephemeral salt lake.

An outback country road near Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Bila Kalina Station

We are located at the North West of Roxby Downs in a 145 mm rainfall zone. The property including the Millers creak lease covers 7000 square km on either side of the dog fence.

Cycling on the road through south american Andes

Clayton station

The Clayton has been in the Oldfield family since 1955. With over 2000 sq km, we run predominantly beef cattle with Poll Hereford being the main breed with Charolaises and Angus put over the Hereford cows. We sell off our weaners every year regardless of the seasons to the feedlot and domestic markets, concentrating on holding our cows in the best possible condition.

Dulkaninna station

situated on the Birdsville track, above the dog fence, Dulkaninna station is a cattle property with a combination of land systems, gibbler plains, black soil food plains, sandhill country, breakaway country, and coolibah creeks.

Farina station

Working station with tourist accommodation. Farina station currently has Merino and Angus and Hereford cattle

Mulgaria station

Mulgaria station has been bought by BHP Billiton Olympic Dam.

Muloorina station

Muloorina station is situated 45km northwest of Maree, on the edge of Lake Eyre.

Mundowndna Station

Mundowndna and Willorina are owned by the Litchfield family who moved to the area in 1958. The properties produce beef from predominantly, Santa Gertrudis herd to the South Australian market.

Purple Downs Station

700 square km. This station is leased by BHPBiliton and lies to the South of the Olympic Dam mine.

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Roxby Downs Station

 2500 square km. This station is leased by BHPBiliton and lies to the south and west of the Olympic Dam mine

Stuart Creek Station

Stuart Creek Station lays between Olympic Dam mine and Lake Eyre south and is leased by BHPBiliton.


Due to the unique environment of the Outback Lakes SA range area, the range of products from this area is very diverse. It reflects the close association between landholders, the country they live in and a great understanding of what it can produce in good and varying times. Tourism in this area is a developing market with some landholders already participating in its benefits. We, as a Group feels Outback South Australia has beautiful areas, especially around the in and out salt lakeside which people can discover. Examples of such areas are Lake Eyre, Torrens, Callabona, Blanche, and Gregory.

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