Andamooka station

This station is leased by BHPBiliton and lies to the East and Left of the Olympic Dan mine and borders the west shores of Lake Torrens, a large ephemeral salt lake.

Andamooka is the largest town administered by the Outback Communities Authority instead of a local government area. It is in the state electoral district of Giles and the Federal Division of Grey. The name Andamooka is derived from a salt lake named from the Aboriginal ‘Andemorka’ by which the community was known to Europeans as early as 1866 before Opal was even discovered. The meaning is uncertain.

At that time (around 1866), it was also known as Swinden’s Country, that is after Charles Swinden of Riverton, the leader of a small horseback party which discovered it in 1857. They described it as a tract of generally sterile Country but with small patches of good pastoral land.

It was those meagre prospects that attracted pastoralists, resulting in the foundation of Andamooka station which was the only industry for the next fifty years.

The main landscape type includes sandhill and Arcoona tableland country consisting of sand bush and land bush. This property lies to the south of the dog fence and runs predominantly agisted stock for the domestic market. Routine monitoring of vegetation condition through photo points is conducted on Andamooka and other BHPBiliton leases in the product. A strong emphasis is placed on environmental management with weed and feral pest monitoring and management conducted routinely.

This property is organic accredited through NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture (Australia) Limited).

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