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Bila Kalina Station

We are located at the North West of Roxby Downs in a 145 mm rainfall zone. The property including the Millers creak lease covers 7000 square km on either side of the dog fence. These properties are run in conjunction with Pernatty (North of Port Augusta) and Broughton downs (South of Port Pirie). This enables us to move livestock around and protect the country in dry times.

Bila Kalina is a pastoral Lease that once operated as a sheep station but now operates as a cattle station in the outback, South Australia. We are located 95km northwest of Roxby Downs and 130km southeast of copper Pedy. Bila Kalina is bothered by Anna Creek to the North, Stuart Creek Station to the East, Parakylia to the south, and Miller’s creek station to the West.

The property has been open for application since 1937. Bila Kalina area was struck by drought for nearly a decade when the rains came in 2009. The Greenfield had reduced his stock down to well-breeders which he intended to agist further south when the rains arrived.

Bila Kalina Station has been in the family for over seventy years. We are a progressive modern business that maintains strong family values. Our well-bred quiet cattle and sheep are grown in a natural organic environment.

The two thousand herds of beef breeders are predominantly the shorthorn breed. They are chosen for their maternal qualities, temperament, marbling, and ability to produce quality domestic markets rangeland conditions.

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