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Mulgaria station

Mulgaria station: Mulgaria station has been purchased by BHPBiliton Olympic Dam. Mulgaria curls around the very top of Lake Torrens. It has one hundred and eight kilometres of Dog fence as the Northern and Western boundary. A small section of Mulgaria is fenced into the arid recovery reserve for conservation purposes.

Mulgaria is located 530km North of Adelaide and about seventy meters above sea level. It is one of the northernmost communities in South Australia. The nearest ocean is the southern ocean about two hundred and forty kilometres south of Mulgaria. The nearest, more populous place is the village of Andamooka which is fifty-three kilometres away with a population of almost four hundred people.

Mulgaria breeds mostly Angus beef cattle with Angus Bulls sourced from leading South Australia, Vic, and NSW studs with selection criteria on high growth and muscle. Fifty-four are raised in a natural organic environment.

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