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Mundowndna Station

Mundowndna Station most commonly known as Mundowndna is a pastoral lease that operates action in northeast South Australia. It’s situated about twenty kilometres southeast of Marree and sixty-two kilometres north of Lyndhurst along the Frome River.

The property was struck by drought in 1908 and Kidman had his store cattle sent North by rail on a special train to the Peake to find feed as well as water. Over two thousand horses were destroyed at Mundowndna over seven months in 1925 after horse breeding had become unprofitable.

The lease for a run was first taken out in 1859 by T. and A. Matthews. The name of the station is aboriginal and is taken from a waterhole found in the area.  Mundowndna and Wilpoorina are owned by the Litchfield family who moved into the area in 1958. The properties produce beef from predominantly Santa Gertrudis herd to the South Australian market.

Traditionally, we have run Merino sheep but are diversifying into Dopers, a meat sheep from South Africa, to produce succulent bush meat mutton. The wide-open paddocks with a variety of nutrient-rich, native pasture provide excellent conditions for the herd of the Australian stock horses and diamond tail endurance horses sold around Australia.

The land occupying the extent of the Mundowndna Station pastoral lease was gazetted as a locality by the government of South Australia on 26 April 2013 under the name ‘Mundownda’.

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