Purple Downs Station

Purple Downs is a homestead in East South Australia; situated about four hundred and ninety kilometres north to North West of Adelaide. It is at an altitude of eighty-nine meters above Sea level.

This station is leased by BHPBiliton and lies to the south of the Olympic Dam mine. Main landscape types include sandhill country to the north and Archona tableland country consisting of saltbush and blue bush.

Purple Downs is co-managed with the adjoining Roxby Downs Lease and runs a mix of owned and agisted stock for domestic markets. A strong emphasis is placed on environmental management with weeds and feral pest monitoring and management conducted routinely.

Purple Downs is one of the northernmost homesteads in South Australia. The nearest ocean is the Southern Ocean about two hundred kilometres South to South East of purple Downs. The nearest most populous place is the town of Roxby Downs which is twenty-six kilometres away with a population of around three thousand, six hundred people.

This property is organic accredited through NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture (Australia) Limited).

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