Roxby Downs Station

Roxby Downs Station is leased by BHPBiliton and lies to the West and South of the Olympic Dam mine. It was a pastoral lease in the central northern tableland area. The land that became Roxby Downs is the traditional country of the Kokatha people. After European colonization, it was part of Andamooka station. In about 1910, it became a separate station and was given the name, Roxby Downs by its initial owner, Norman Richardson after the town of Roxby, Queensland, from where the first cattle of the station was said to have come.

It is a modern uranium and copper mining town.

Main landscape types include sandhills and Arcoona tableland country which consist mainly of the saltbush vegetation type.

This property is south of the dog fence and currently runs owned and agisted stock for local markets. A strong emphasis is placed on environmental management with weeds and feral pest monitoring and management conducted routinely. On the northern section of the station sits the arid recovery reserve which has had all feral predators contained and threatened species reintroduced including bilbies.

With the development of the desert, the Olympic Dam mine and the associated service town of Roxby Downs, the station was taken over by BHPBILITON which is still the current owner of the pastoral Lease.

There are different things to see and do in Roxby Downs which include: Emu walking trail, public art at Roxby Downs, Stuart desert pea sculpture, community mural, Roxby Downs multicultural unit, Time capsule, Rotunda, Arid recovery reserve, and Arid sunset tour.

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