Stuart Creek Station

Stuart Creek Station is a pastoral lease that once operated as a sheep station. It now operates as a cattle station in South Australia Outback.

It is located forty-eight kilometres North of Roxby Downs and a hundred and forty kilometres North West of Lyndhurst. The property is bounded in the North by Lake Eyre South, to the East by Bila Kalina Station and to the South by Mulgaria and Andamooka stations, and to the East by Finnis Springs Aboriginal lands. The ephemeral watercourse, Stuart Creek runs through the property. The property is a mixture of land types comprising sandhills, breakaways, mound springs and, gibber plains.

The first European to pass through the area was John McDouall Stuart in 1858 who named the creek Chambers Creek. He was awarded a claim in that area and the creek was later renamed, Stuart Creek. By 1862, Stuart was in Ill health and sold his claim to Alfred Baker and John Chambers. Baker later sold the property to John Howard Angus in 1870.

Stuart Creek was an outstation of Anna Creek Station until it was partitioned in 1890.

It occupies a land of six thousand five hundred square kilometres property lies to the North of the dog fence and incorporates the northern section of the arid recovery reserve. This property is originally accredited under NASA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) limited and has some owned and agisted stock. A strong emphasis is placed on environmental management with weeds and feral pest monitoring and management conducted routinely.

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