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Tourism entails spending time away from home in pursuit of relaxation, recreation and pleasure while making use of the commercial provision of services. The socio-cultural impact of tourism ranges from the interaction between people of different cultural backgrounds, attitudes and behaviours to material goods.

The outback areas of Australia are vast Tourism Center. Due to the unique environment of the Outback Lakes SA range area, the range of products from this area is very diverse. It reflects the close association between landholders and the country they live in and a great understanding of what it can produce in good and varying times.

Tourism in this area is a developing market with some landholders already participating in its benefits.

We, as a Group, feel Outback South Australia has beautiful areas, especially around the in and out salt lakeside which people can discover. Examples of such areas are Lake Eyre, Torrens, Callabona, Blanche, and Gregory.

Four of our stations are involved in tourism activity, namely:

Muloorina Station

The experiences at Muloorina station entails a drive or fly, straight to our homestead located airstrip and unpack. Muloorina is a working cattle station first established in the 1800s. You'll be able to hear stories from the owners about the amazing history this place has to offer. You could experience the uninterrupted sounds of the pure outback and go for a day trip to Lake Eyre.

Clayton Station

The Clayton has been in the Oldfield family since 1955. With over two thousand square kilometres we run predominantly beef cattle with poll Hereford being the main breed with Charles and Agnus put over the Hereford cows. We sell off our weaners every year irrespective of the season to the feedlot and domestic markets, concentrating on holding our cows in the best possible condition. Clayton station now offers luxury self-contained accommodation, with 2 Ă— 2 bedroom units comfortable for tourists. At night, tourists could sit on the deck or in the hot tub watching the spectacular sunset. For intending campers, there is an available Bush camping site just off the Birdsville track along the Clayton Creek with a flushing toilet, Bush shower, and our hot tub. However, there is no power at the camping grounds.

Dulkaninna Station

This station is situated eighty-four kilometres from Marree along the Birdsville Track in the far north of South Australia. The size of the property is two thousand square kilometres with a combination of land systems i.e. gibbler plains, black soil flood plains, sandhill country, tableland country, and coolibah-lined creeks. Recently, Dulkaninna entered the tourism industry offering two experiences namely: Beyond and back day tours as well as coolibah camp.

Farina Station

Farina station runs merino and Dorper sheep as well as Hereford cattle. Farina is originally Farina town, a town and locality in the Australian State of South Australia. At the 2006 census, farina had a population of 55. It was initially known as the Gums or Government Gums. Farina was settled in 1878 by optimistic farmers. The Town was the railhead for a Time until 1884 before the railway was extended to Marree. Farina grew to reach a peak population of 600 in the late 1800s. Attractive sites for tourists include the Farina campground, an attractive Bush camping ground with amenities, and the ruins of the historic Farina Township. Farina spring tours take the visitors out onto the property and are also available at the Mens or Shearers Quarters. The tourism sector in the outback, South Australia is undergoing rapid growth and has enough potential to be tapped into by both the residents and tourists who come from any part of the world.

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